Graph for Understanding Artifact Composition (GUAC) gives you organized and actionable insights into your software supply chain security position. GUAC ingests software security metadata, like SBOMs, and maps out the relationship between software so that you can fully understand your software security position. Using GUAC, you can drive higher-level organizational outcomes such as audit, policy, risk management, and even developer assistance.

Introduction video

What can GUAC do

Visualize your supply chain

GUAC Visualizer

The GUAC Visualizer explores the various nodes and relationships of GUAC. A particular node can be searched for, or you can click through each node to discover its relationships. Most CLI commands below also provide a visualizer link to load the results of the command into the visualizer.

Search for vulnerabilities via transitive dependencies in the GUAC graph

The Query Vulnerability via CLI Demo covers the guacone query vuln command. Given a Package-URL, this command searches the GUAC graph for any paths leading to any known vulnerabilities and produces a report. Example:

| certifyVuln | 148776    | vulnerability ID: ghsa-599f-7c49-w659 |
| certifyVuln | 147968    | vulnerability ID: dsa-5343-1          |
| certifyVuln | 147969    | vulnerability ID: dsa-5417-1          |
| certifyVuln | 148467    | vulnerability ID: dsa-5122-1          |
| certifyVuln | 148766    | vulnerability ID: ghsa-7rjr-3q55-vv33 |
| certifyVuln | 148767    | vulnerability ID: ghsa-8489-44mv-ggj8 |
| certifyVuln | 148768    | vulnerability ID: ghsa-fxph-q3j8-mv87 |
| certifyVuln | 148769    | vulnerability ID: ghsa-jfh8-c2jp-5v3q |
| certifyVuln | 148770    | vulnerability ID: ghsa-p6xc-xr62-6r2g |
| certifyVuln | 148771    | vulnerability ID: ghsa-vwqq-5vrc-xw9h |
Visualizer url: http://localhost:3000/?path=20041,20040,20039,15,26177,22175,22174,20781,2455,147738,148776,26195,21827,2158,1302,1301,147731,147968,147815,147969,26202,74224,1411,147764,148467,26206,18025,18024,18023,147803,148766,147798,148767,147799,148768,147733,148769,147774,148770,147765,148771,75955,81946,87980,94043,99976,105990,1523,2110,2230,2360,2512,2744,3474,4167

Generate a summary report of a given Package-URL

See the What is Known and Unknown about your Software Supply Chain demo for an overview of the guacone query known command. This takes a Package-URL then queries GUAC for all known information about that package. Example:

| Package Name Nodes                                                              |
| NODE TYPE | NODE ID   | ADDITIONAL INFORMATION                                  |
| hasSrcAt  | 7647      | Source: git+ |
Visualizer url: http://localhost:3000/?path=578,327,6,7647
| Package Version Nodes                                           |
| certifyVuln | 13471     | vulnerability ID: ghsa-cg3q-j54f-5p7p |
| certifyVuln | 13473     | vulnerability ID: go-2022-0322        |
Visualizer url: http://localhost:3000/?path=7600,578,327,6,13471,13473

Store SBOM data and collect additional information about the packages

In the Expanding your view of the software supply chain demo, see how GUAC maps ingested SBOM data to graph-based nodes and relationships. Explore additional information gathered, and see how those are connected to the package nodes in the graph schema.

How GUAC works

GUAC Diagram

Get more information on GUAC

Visit the GUAC website to learn more about GUAC and join the community!

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